Holy shit

Apr. 11th, 2008 10:13 pm
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I just went out with two girlfriends for a long planned dinner. It was supposed to be more of us, but we took what we could get. I only told Robert about it yesterday, so I expected more protest.

He asked via IM earlier if it was going to be a late night. I asked what that meant. He said that meant getting home after 9:30. I said I didn't think it would be much later than that since the reservation was for 7.

I ordered pizza before I left and then went to pick up Karen and Phoebe.

He didn't call at all while I was out. Not even once.

And I just walked in at 10:10 and EVERYONE'S ASLEEP. Ella's in her crib and Robert and the Ls are in our bed out cold.

I swear, the planets must have shifted or something. This has NEVER happened before. I am usually made to feel guilty every time I go out, even if it's to do a clothing party where I'm earning money. And I only go out a handful of times a year. Yep, a year.

It's so nice and quiet and my belly is so full. More on that, we shared crabcake appetizer and a thin crust pizza with shrimp and goat cheese and pesto. Then I had the rack of lamb medium rare with delicious mashed potatoes and steamed spinach. I'm the only one who ordered dessert (but they shared a bottle of wine) and I had the apple crisp which was basically warm apples and sugar and cinnamon and crumbs in a warm dish with vanilla ice cream on top. It was heaven.

It's so nice to feel like a grown up once in a while.


Mar. 2nd, 2008 02:56 pm
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I really need to stop eating all these damn carbs. I had a huge bowl of cereal and now I'm in such a food coma and I'm super cranky and exhausted. Not to mention bloated. Ick. Why do I do this? My belly actually looks fat again, it hasn't looked like this in months. I'm so disappointed in myself.

It's just my gut, and it's just the carbs. I just cannot muster the will power to not eat crap on any given day. Robert took Laszlo to a birthday party today, and part of the reason I wanted him to was to avoid pizza and birthday cake - because I literally cannot say no to cake. It's like crack.

My brother and sister in law are here with my niece, but my brother's passed out on Lily's bed and my sis in law went to run an errand. Lily and Layne are playing here with dress up wooden dolls and having the cutest conversations. Ella's napping. And I can't peel my ass off this couch for anything.

I think I need to go to Fairway ( http://www.fairwaymarket.com/index.cfm?Area=Departments ) to do a nice healthy shopping. For some reason whenever I go there I come home with tons of healthy foods to eat. They have a wonderful produce department and fresh fish and amazing meats. They also have tons of organic foods. If I can just slide away from the bakery counter I should be fine. I'm not sure what it is about that store that makes it possible to come home with actual *food* to eat that's not disgusting and bad for me. When I go to the regular market, I end up going to the produce section and then basically getting a handful of things in the middle, then stocking up in the dairy department, which fills most of my wagon. I'd go there more often, but it's about a half hour ride and I just never think of going there. Tomorrow L and L are in school and I just have Ella, so I think I'll go right after I drop Lily off at school. Hmmm...sounds like a good plan.

I'm rambling because I'm bored. And bloated. Lovely.


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