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A few weeks ago I heard Laszlo talking to Lily. She accidentally said, "Back when I was a little boy..." Laszlo said, "Lily, you used to be a little boy? What happened, you had gender assignment surgery?"

I jumped in. I asked what he was talking about. He said, "Mommy, you told me that people can change their gender by gender assignment surgery."

I had no recollection of that conversation, but I DO tell them stuff like that if the subject comes up. I told him it was gender REassignment surgery. But like, months ago. And he remembered it. The kid's brain is such a vault, and he uses everything appropriately, even if it's just been filed away for ages.

I went to Laszlo's "Writers' Celebration" in his class. One of the boys was having some difficulty reading and Laszlo said, "Frankie needs to practice his fluency." I almost choked on my corn muffin.

Ella will be three in a month. She is so gorgeous and funny that she takes my breath away. She is obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba. She has the small figurines of the characters and she sits quietly for hours making them talk to each other and sing the songs from the show. She adds other toys to the mix. I have to videotape her because it's so precious and funny.

Robert bought her a Barbie doll the other day and she keeps calling it "Barley." So now I ask her to say the doll's name and she says, "Barley is a dinosaur, magic magic-ation."

She's also started calling me Momma instead of Mommy. All the kids did this for some reason and I just love it every time. The other two went back to Mommy after a while...I'm hoping Ella sticks with the Momma.

Lily is still all that's sweet and good in the world, but she has been feeling her oats a little and being a bit annoying. She's been deliberately irritating Laszlo and Ella and even me sometimes, just to get a reaction. I guess being good becomes boring after a while - not that I'd know. ;-)
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Lily (to Laszlo): A lot of people say they have the best brother in the whole world. But you really are the best brother in the whole world.


Jan. 21st, 2009 08:47 am
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We've been passing cooties all around our house. It started with Laszlo about 2 weeks ago. Turned out he had strep. Then Ella had the vomit/diarrhea virus. Lily has had major boogers and a cough. I had a belly thing for a few days that prevented me from really eating. Ella finally got better and has been eating us out of house and home for the last 2 days. Laszlo finished his antibiotics.

At 3 am today Laszlo woke up screaming. He said he had a nightmare that we all left him. Then he started asking me if his head grew because his head felt gigantic. I took him back to his room and touched his back. FIRE. I gave him Motrin and some Triaminic nighttime stuff to get him to sleep. He's still sleeping. I didn't actually take his temperature because I knew it was very high and I knew I'd freak out if I actually saw the number. I'm praying when he wakes up that it's lower.

Clearly no school for him today, possibly tomorrow...which means Ella can't go to her favorite class today (unless I can somehow guilt my mother into coming over to watch him while I take Ella).

The good news is that I have a ton of cleaning and laundry to do, so I can certainly keep busy in the house today. And it's insanely cold, I'm sitting in my usual spot by the window and the cold is just coming through and freezing my bones.

Cooties, be gone!
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I want to eat Ella. And Laszlo is talking to Lily in the background on his new walkie talkie thing that Robert got him...Laszlo was in the den with us and Lily was in her room upstairs pretending to have a bad dream involving monsters.
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Ella has declared a clear preference for Robert. If he's holding her and he hands her off, she goes NUTS. If he leaves the room, she pitches a fit. When he's not around, she's fine, but once he's home and on the weekends, she wants nothing to do with me - which is fine by me.

This is good for a variety of reasons, other than obviously the fact that it gives me a break from Crazy Bella. It's good because it suits Robert's ego, he assumes this whole role like he knows her better than I do and asks me to fetch things for her (how could I NOT know to get her a drink, right?). As long as I am a short distance away from them, I'm golden.

This is also good because I get to focus a bit on Lily. I am eternally worried that she's going to get lost in the shuffle because she's so good and mellow. I'm trying to focus on spending some alone time with her and doing whatever I can to make her feel special. She's the sweetest person on the planet (no, really) and I don't want her to be cheated because her brother and sister are more demanding. Like when I reward Laszlo for doing something right, Lily will say, "but I was good too!" and I can't just say, "Yeah, but you're *always* good, Lily, you don't get a prize for that."

So last night, I was reading to Lily in her bed and Robert was in our bed with his girl and Laszlo. All of a sudden I heard Robert call out and then I heard Ella screaming. Then, "Jennnnnn!" I asked, "Is she ok?!?" He said, "Yeah, it's me." I ran into the bedroom to see Robert holding Ella at arm's distance and his eyes were shut because he had a face full of vomit. He is always playing too rough with her, but she loves it. I got him a warm washcloth and then took Ella to change her clothes and clean her up. Then I walked out of the room and cracked up. :-)

With all the excitement, Lily didn't want to stay in her room, so she joined everyone in our room. She was naked, as usual. We were all watching TV and laughing and stuff...and then it calmed down a bit and Lily was lying face down on the bed, Laszlo was mellow too and Ella was deliriously tired. Lily said, "Mommy, Ella's sitting on my tushie." Then, "Mommy! Ella's kissing my tushie!" I looked and saw Ella holding Lily's tush and trying to nurse. I mean, Lily has the softest mushiest tush in the world. And it does kinda look like cleavage. We had another good laugh. Lily was trying to get Ella to do it again, but we were discouraging it. :-)

This morning Lily woke up and said, "Mommy, I was dreaming! I was dreaming that I was in 'kini Bottom." (where Spongebob lives) "I was playing with Plankton and we were best friends and we were putting on a show." I asked her if she wanted to come downstairs for breakfast. She said, "No Mommy, I wanna dream some more," and then she lied back down on her pillow. Then, "Mommy, do you wanna come dream with me?"

Like I said, sweetest person on earth.


Apr. 22nd, 2008 08:21 pm
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The kids are off this week, so I've been trying to find stuff to do with them that doesn't cost a lot of money and that they'll all enjoy.

Yesterday we had breakfast with friends and then went to the park.

Today we went with my mom into Brooklyn to visit her cousin Ruthie. She's 88 years old and about two inches taller than Laszlo. She has very few teeth and beautiful perfect skin, sharp blue eyes and white hair she wears back in a headband. She greeted us in her hallway outside the elevator in her blue housecoat. She's never met my kids. My mom speaks to her every week, but they don't see each other because Ruthie refuses to let anyone shop for her or help her do anything.

I wish I got pictures of some of the things in her apartment. She has this lamp that looks like a tremendous piece of driftwood made to look like a tree, with little fake birds all over it. This thing is HUGE. Everything is original from when she moved in probably 50 years ago. Her daughter's old room still has the silver wallpaper that looks like they covered it in aluminum foil. It's so funny.

She's got pictures of my kids all over the place. Now I know when my mom asks me to send Ruthie pictures, they're really appreciated. Ruthie's daughter never had kids. It was really nice to see pictures of my kids through the years prominently displayed in her home.

Ruthie gave Lily a doll that she'd had for about 20 years. She and her husband used to have a store and she took the doll in case she ever had anyone to give it to. She said there were many little girls visiting over the years, but she was never moved to give it to any of them until today. Lily was so excited. Ruthie also gave Laszlo a nice pen and some pads of paper and a card game. Then she spoke to him a bit and told him some stuff about Judaism and then gave him a little Torah "for good luck."

She came over to me and took my hand and stuck money in my palm. She's so old fashioned and has mastered the technique of getting money in your hand without you ever knowing she had it. She said to take the kids out somewhere and get them something. I figured it was 20 bucks, but I checked later and it was two crisp fifties. She's crazy. But she was so grateful that we made the trip to see her.

Funniest moments of the day...We buzzed her apartment and we heard, "Carole?!" So my mom said, "Yeah." "Oh, thank GOD!" We arrived about a half hour later than my mom had told her to expect us, so she was totally panic stricken.

Also Laszlo took to her right away and he said, "Cousin Ruthie, look how *little* you are!"

Then we stopped for the kids' checkups on the way home. Lily got 3 shots and Laszlo got 2, then they both got blood draws and the TB test. Last year Laszlo was such a trooper and Lily was hysterical, but today it was totally reversed. Laszlo was crying uncontrollably and saying he wanted to go to the hospital because of how much pain he was in. He gave the doctor a good laugh. He has since recovered, thank goodness. No hospital visit required.

Tomorrow I think we're going to have a playdate with a friend who moved away and her kids. She just had a new baby so I can get some newborn snuggles in too, which is always a huge bonus.

Then Thursday the babysitter's coming and I'm taking L and L to another playdate with some other friends nearby, which should be fun since I like the mommas too.

Friday's still up for grabs, but if the weather's nice, I'll end up taking them to some parks to wear them out.

I just wish I could find a way to occupy them from 5-7 pm, because that's when they make me want to stick firecrackers in my ears. But if they are busy all day, maybe they'll be worn out enough to not make me quite as insane as usual.

Wow, long post about nothing. I'm so good at that.

Oh jeez

Apr. 18th, 2008 05:13 pm
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It's so gorgeous out today. I took Ella to my mom's because she needed help setting the table for Passover tomorrow. Ella fell asleep on the way, so I took her out and she stayed I just hung out in the sun in the rocker while Ella snoozed. Talk about absolute perfection.

Then she got up with a snuggly smile. Mmmmmmm.

I hung out at Mom's for a bit, set the table and then went to Laszlo's school to pick up the class tadpoles that we're watching for the break.

Came home, unloaded tadpoles, waited for Lily to get off the bus.

Kibbles was getting groomed so I took all three kids in the Sit n' Stand to pick her up. She was supposed to be ready, but she wasn't, so we had to wait in this tiny shop with teeny dog hair dust all over the place (it's immaculate, but it just can't be helped) and after a few minutes, Ella realized she only had a twenty minute nap today and LOST IT. Yay.

The dog was finally ready and looks so cute, I think it's the best grooming she's ever had. I have to take pictures of her little face. They put pink bows on her ears and a little T-shirt from the store.

Came home and Laszlo decided to be horrendous. He was trying to get Lily to "deliver stuff" to other people's houses and I caught them just as he was letting them both out of the backyard. It was so much nicer when he couldn't reach the latch. I used to be totally fine if they were in the backyard because they had nowhere to go, but now he opens the gates on either side to play in the front too.

Then Laszlo thought it would be great to throw rocks at the house. I saw him and told him to stop, so he threw another. Then I told him to stop or he'd have a time out. I told him to think about what he was doing. The little prick picked up another rock and threw it.

Time out time.

Much screaming ensued.

I told him the more he screamed the longer the time out would be. He ended up with a ten minute time out. And a spank on his tush (he is wearing jeans so I doubt he even felt it).

After the ten minutes was up, he went straight to the freezer and said, "I need ice on my feelings and you smacked my tushie." Get it, because I hurt his feelings. Mr. Literal.

Now he's being good, but it's those things that just set me off and frazzle the hell out of me. And as usual, Robert's not coming home for hours. At least Ella's napping now and the house is clean. Of course since she went in at 5 pm, she'll be up until at least ten and then will probably get up at least once through the night.

I'm stopping now because I'm even boring myself.
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I love that he reads to her now, it's the cutest thing ever. It is a Spongebob book btw.
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Laszlo and Lily are sitting together at the dining room table playing with Play Doh and "cooking" for each other. I can't see them but I can hear them from the den.

Ella's exploring with toys and stuff on a blanket I made years ago but never used at my feet. She's clapping and laughing and singing.

The house is mostly ordered, laundry mostly done, and I actually finished up some stuff I've had to make for ages.

I'm grateful for right now.
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I expected to get the kids quiet by 8-ish, then take a nice long bath and watch a movie. Ha. Yes, you heard it here. Ha.

Cutting for TMI in the child-excrement category:

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At Gymboree on Monday, a mom came in wearing a mei tai carrier. I was so excited. I approached her and she said, "Yeah, my mother said people would make fun of me, but it's the only way I can carry her without hurting my back." We got to talking with a few other moms about breastfeeding, and of course, still nobody does it. That mom (the one with the carrier) actually had an "excuse" that didn't infuriate me. She said her milk never came at first I was shooting her daggers. Then she said she had a C-section, then was unconscious for close to 24 hours...then was in severe pain, then her daughter had to be admitted to the NICU for 2 weeks because she was premature. Ok, she probably *could* have nursed, but there were odds against her and she was a first time mom. She gets a pass in my book. At least she was using a carrier.

Then today I went to a community pool with friends and saw a mom nursing a baby about 6 months old. I stopped her and told her how nice it was to see another mom nursing since so few people around here do. She probably thought I was a freak, but I thought it was my local duty to say something positive to her.

In other news, Laszlo has started asking me questions like I ask him. He asks me all day long, "Mommy, how many ballies are on top of that toy?" Now he's really into drawing balloons (a circle with a wiggly line hanging down) and then asking me, "Mommy, how many balloons I just drew?" It's so cute, but he asks me like a zillion times a day and I find myself just making up numbers when he asks me things like, "How many letters are on this page, Mommy?" He also asks about colors and shapes of things. It's really cute, but a tad tedious.

Lily's a full fledged walker. It's so cute. She still looks a bit like Frankentein, but she's getting the hang of it. She prefers to walk without shoes, which is fine with me, until she wants to walk outside. She's still scootching a bit, which I'll miss a lot once it's totally gone. I have to remember to get some more last minute scootching video for good measure.

I had a minor scare last week. I had a blood test for life insurance and the results came back that my liver enzymes were all messed up. I had a retest and they were normal, so it was either lab error or the fact that I had worked out strenuously that week (damaged muscle tissue can cause the same results).

I've been tie dyeing whenever I have some time and am not completely exhausted. I've given out my cards a handful of times in the last few weeks and I left some on the bulletin board at Gymboree as well. I put in bold letters, "Host a party, get free clothes" right on the front - but still NO responses. It's really frustrating, especially when people get really excited about something Lily's wearing and then say they want me to make them something and then never call or email. I guess I'm doing something wrong here. In any case, my kid's really well dressed. :-)

That's all for now.


Jun. 29th, 2005 02:18 pm
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Not sure what detail I've gotten into about my childhood, but the main recurring thing that fucked me up (other than my parents' marriage) was that my mother *clearly* favored my middle brother. I have 2 brothers, 9 and 12 years older than me. The one who is 9 years older, S., is different from J. and me - in ways other than our first initial. I grew up with the blatant knowledge that my mother preferred boys in general, and my one brother over either of us. I have heard my mother say on many occasions, "I just love little boys. Little girls just say, 'Look how pretty I am' while little boys say, 'Look how high I can jump!'" I know deep down inside that it probably comes from some self hatred or jealousy, but that never made it hurt any less being her only daughter.

I'm sure you can see where this is going.

My mother has also made it quite clear, although without saying it flat out (something different than when I was growing up) that she prefers Laszlo to Lily. When I talk to her on the phone, she will often say, "How's my man today?" and then ask about Lily a few minutes later. She *knows* this gets under my skin. When I was pregnant with Laszlo, I went to her house crying saying that I was worried she wouldn't love my child if it was a girl. I guess I figured that she got over herself by the time I was pregnant with Lily, or that I just didn't give a shit because my family is MY family and she's extended family at this point.

Last week I took both kids to the pool at my mother's house and my mom was there with a friend I hadn't met before. As we walked up, my mother started saying, "Anne, this is Laszlo, the love of my life. My best friend. Laszlo, can you say hi to Grandma's friend Anne?" This went on for a few minutes, then I said, "Hi Anne, this is Lily." My mother made a face as if I was nuts. Then a few minutes after Anne left, my mother came over to me and my friend and said, "Anne couldn't get over Laszlo." I asked her why. She said, "Oh, just because he's so gorgeous and smart and funny." Meanwhile, Laszlo spent about 20 seconds in her presence and spent the rest in the pool with me and Lily and his friends. My friend Sheryl said, "Did she say anything about Lily?" "No." At least Sheryl saw it first hand now, so I can talk to someone who has witnessed this sick behavior. Prior to that, she thought I was exaggerating.

This afternoon my mother called from Manhattan because she had a few minutes before the show she's there to see started. She said, "How's he doing today?" So I said, "Who?" She said, "My little buddy." I said, "He's fine, is there any reason he shouldn't be?" (sorta figuring maybe I forgot something that he didn't feel well or something). She said no, just that she wanted to know how he was doing today. I said, "He's fine. Lily's fine too." She said, "I was just going to ask about her." I shit you not.

My mother's not the kind of person I can have a rational discussion with about this, because then it turns into me attacking her, me bossing her around and controlling every word she says, etc. Which of course is just what I'm trying to do. If I tell her I was hurt by the same behavior growing up, her reply is, "Well you're nuts" or "You're right, I'm a terrible mother." I just don't know how to shield my precious children from this. It's not just Lily I want to shelter, it's Laszlo too, because it's just as unhealthy for him to be around it. I don't want to limit her seeing him/them, because that's really not the end result I'm looking for here. I just can't take this shit anymore. It's infuriating.

Lily is so cute and funny and good and delicious. People say to me, "Oh, your mother must eat her up." Nope. And people similarly assume that I was spoiled because my mother had a 9 and a 12 year old boy when she finally got a daughter. Nope.

Thanks for letting me vent, and for reading this far.
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...because this is what happens while I'm in there:

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