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I was IMing with M, (formerly suicidal friend) and mentioned something I wanted to tell her (gossip, nothing important). She said she was leaving for the library and would call me from her cell in 15 minutes.

She called, and as I answered the phone, Lily asked me for some play doh. I told her I'd get it in a minute. Then I heard Ella wake up, so in between telling M. the story, I said hello to Ella and put her on the changing table. M. said, "Don't talk to you kids, just tell me the story." Um, what? So I ignored her and kept on doing what I was doing. So she fucking said it again. I said, "You want me to not talk to my kids?" She said, "Well yeah, it's just that it's every time I talk to you, and when I talk to Kathleen, she never does it." (Kathleen has ONE child who is at least 3 years old.)

I said, "Ok, I have to go," and I hung up on her.

She called me right back, but I ignored it. Her message said something like, "I'm sorry if I offended you, but I wanted to hear the story and I had to go to the library and I just asked you not to talk to your kids so you could tell me it."

I'm not one of those moms who talks to their kids instead of paying attention...I was answering my kids and putting them off, ("will get your play doh when I'm done" etc.) so I *could* finish the story. And I wasn't going to pick Ella up without giving her a kiss. Fuck that.

I emailed her this:

You know what, M...if I asked you to stop detailing your ailments every time we get on the phone or stop talking about your cats or stop talking in a baby voice to me so we could get to the crux of the conversation, I think you'd be offended as well.

Kathleen has ONE child. And he's not a baby. Don't compare talking to her to talking to me.

If my children ask me questions while I'm on the phone I'm going to answer them, not tell them to shut up because I have to tell someone a story that's not important.

I'm sickened that I have spent so much time worrying about her well being. She may be mentally ill, but she has *NO* ability to not put herself first in every situation. It's beyond pathological.


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