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My mother and I have been getting along really well. I took the kids there today because we had nothing on the agenda and I really didn't need to go out spending any money...and I didn't really want to do much walking.

Recently, my mom got these leather swivel chairs that my kids LOVE playing on. They were the main event on Thanksgiving with the 2 of them and my niece. So Lily went right for the chair today. It wasn't until about 10 minutes later when Lily leaned forward that I saw that there was bird shit on the chair. My mother's lovebird is always out, which is cute, but she shits all over the house, which is NOT cute. I said calmly, "Mom, there's bird shit all over the chair, lemme move her onto this one" (the one I was on, which was clean). My mother said, "Oh don't worry, I'll clean it." And then she went into her kitchen and got her *dish sponge* and started wiping off the poop. When she wasn't having enough success, she started scratching it off with her fingernails. I grimaced and made some sound of disgust. She said, "I'll clean my hands!" Then she was done, chucked her sponge back in the kitchen and didn't wash. I reminded her, so she splashed a little water on her hands - no soap. And she was pissed that I even said anything about washing.

She then proceeded to offer my kids various food and drink that she would have to prepare. With her hands. I jumped up and got them snacks.

About an hour later, we took a toy out and there were ants on it. This isn't from filth, she lives on the beach and it's a common problem there. So she started smooshing the ants with her fingers. I said, "Oy mom, can't you use your feet or a tissue or something?!" She made a face. I said, "Mom, you've touched shit and bugs without washing your hands, ANYONE would think that was gross." She said, "Oh, and do you wash your hands with soap every time you change a diaper?" "Um, yes. Every. Single. Time." "Well, I've never seen you do that." "Well, then you're not paying attention, because after every diaper change, I wash my hands WITH SOAP.

What the fuck is wrong with her? She keeps her house very neat/clean, but her personal hygiene is so lacking. She showers and stuff, but she'll touch ANYTHING with her hands and not care. And not wash. And then get all hurt when I ask her not to touch my children before disinfecting herself. It's not like she was just dirty from the garden, she was touching FECAL MATTER. It was under her nails. EWWWWWWW. When she had her dogs, she would step in their pee and not change her socks or wash her feet. And in my house once my dog peed while she was watching the kids so I said, "Did you clean it up?" She said she did. "With cleanser?" "No, with a paper towel." I said, "Then you wiped it up, but you didn't *clean* it up." I asked her where it was and busted out the disinfectant and CLEANED it.

I am by no means a neat-freak. At. All. But come ON. I wash my hands dozens of times a day. I'm not a germaphobe...I've never disinfected my kids after Gymboree or a party or the mall or anything like that, even when all the other moms are on line for the Purell. I don't want my kids to live in a bubble. But WTF Mom?!!


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