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We saw the lil grain of rice this morning at the OB's office. We even saw a lil teensy weensy heartbeat. This is all surreal.

My due date as of now is January 18, but I'm going for another sonogram next Friday to confirm, since ricey was so small today.

Here's some info, I'm going to continue so far as I did with Laszlo and Lily...meaning that I'm under an OB's care and planning a hospital birth where they were both born. Of course it's possible that situation can change, but as of now, that's it. I'm still torn, but Robert's pretty set on having the baby in a hospital. For now, this is our plan. If you don't agree with it, you can stop reading my journal or just ignore my pregnancy entries. If this is a reason for you to not be my friend anymore, than you're probably not my friend in the first place.

Hormonal anyone?

I'm taking the kids to a birthday party at a farm that they both love and Lily is super excited. She really wants to "see ammals" and go on a pony ride. Laszlo likes to feed the animals oats one oat at a time, which is pretty funny. And even then, he just throws it at them. He mostly enjoys the wall of sinks for washing up after touching the animals and before engaging in pizza.

Ok, gotta put something clean and cute on the girl and put some shoes on the boy...


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