Ann Taylor

Mar. 15th, 2009 03:17 pm
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Robert's looking at the Ann Taylor company now...

Is the company still relevant? Would/do you wear anything by them?

Oy vey

Feb. 22nd, 2009 09:59 am
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Robert developed a rash a few days ago. My mom was over yesterday and she said it looked like when she had shingles a few months back.

So we called the doctor today because the rash was worse and hurting him.

Yep, shingles. Ah, the joy.
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Robert's looking into a German company called Praktiker. He says it's like the Home Depot.

Anybody have any opinions/experiences with/about this company?



Jun. 25th, 2008 02:50 pm
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Hey everyone...consumer question here...

Robert's studying the company that makes Uggs. He asked me to ask all of you "how long do you think people will continue to pay $200 for ugly boots?"




Jun. 16th, 2008 07:50 am
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I've been waking up with Robert for more than 10 years now. And he *still* fails to realize that I'm a zombie for the first half hour I'm conscious. He *still* asks me if I'm mad at him or if something's wrong when I'm not as talkative as his already-drank-an-entire-pot-of-coffee ass.
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My Monday morning list, first three items, mine.


Aug. 27th, 2007 03:05 pm
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Robert lost his wedding band yesterday while at the beach/pool with Laszlo. This morning, unsolicited, I received this IM:

R: (9:35:22 AM): let's get new wedding rings togther..somethng re-affirm our love


Aug. 16th, 2007 09:50 am
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Why are men SUCH assholes sometimes?

I've been exhausted. Like hallucinating by 9pm exhausted. Robert's had a cold. I thought it may be allergies, but it's not apparently and it's a cold. When he wants to kiss the kids or take a bit of something I'm eating, it's "just a cold" but when I need his help at midnight because I'm going to go insane if Laszlo doesn't shut up and go to sleep, it's "I'm so sick."

A full hour later, he got up to help. Laszlo was in my bed with me, Robert was sleeping alone in Laszlo's bed. Finally he went in with him, after me struggling for hours and finally asking him an hour prior.

Then this morning he IMs me to ask me what time I got up. I told him I didn't know how to answer that because I was up so many times. Then he asked me if I RSVP'd to his friend's kids' bat/bar mitzvah. I told him I did, and told him I also returned the movie to Blockbuster he's been nagging me about. Then I said, "Anything else?"

He asked if I was pissed, I told him I was. He had no idea why. WTF?!

He IMd me yesterday to say he was sorry he was so stressed at work and sorry I was so tired, and that we'd get through this. I said, "I know." Then he pulls that? I have been listening to his work shit NON stop forever, but even more than that in the last month or so. He's miserable at this job, but he's miserable at every job. He has no memory of being miserable at all his other jobs. Um, then why do we have job ads printed out consistently from the last 10 years in your office?

In this morning's IM chat, he said that **I** was the one who said it was just a cold and that he goes by what I say all the time and it's not right. WTF x 1000000000?!?!? Do any of you recall when I got my medical degree? Cuz I sure as hell don't. How the fuck am I supposed to know if he has allergies or a cold or "something worse" as he said this morning?? Then he signs offline after saying it wasn't right and hasn't called or emailed or IMd since. That was about an hour ago. I'll be damned if I pick up the phone when he calls from lunch. I'm fuming.

I give and give and give all day to the kids and my friends and family. He gets home and demands more. And I *do* it. Then when I need just a LITTLE help last night, he did nothing for an hour and then when Ella woke up, it was 2 kids and me, so I guess he finally decided to get his ass up and get Laszlo to bed. Oh, and that's after Laszlo had a hefty dose of Benadryl because he was complaining that HIS throat hurt and was itchy and he kept clearing his throat (why he wasn't sleeping in the first place).

I just want to crawl into bed today, crank the AC, put on shitty television and be a vegetable. But that isn't gonna happen. Not even a little.

And did I mention that the fucking dogs got me up twice this morning? It's always the mornings that I need that extra sleep the most that they can't hold their pee til their normal 9:00.

Tomorrow's another day, right? Well it better be another day after some goddamn sleep.


Mar. 15th, 2007 07:13 pm
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My friend that I've mentioned several times, the Vicodin addict, just went to rehab today. It's not her first time, but it is her first time as an inpatient at a facility that plans on keeping her 30 days. She hasn't had 30 days clean in years. She called me this morning all crazy and then just called me from the place and she says she wants to come home. I told her this morning that this would happen. I told her that she's going to get there and be miserable and want to come home. I told her she's no better than all the other addicts there. But of course, she's complaining about having to wait on line to use the phone and saying that the showers are gross, and that she isn't going to deal with it. She complained that she has a black roommate who uses street drugs (as opposed to the elegant meds my friend's using) and she's unhappy about that too. I told her again, "You're no better."

She's angry that people are happy and laughing. She's angry that they won't let her talk to any men there. Which is SUCH a good thing because otherwise she'd end up having sex with half of them, and probably will end up having sex with at least a handful of women.

I'm just frustrated. She's SOOOO manipulative. I can just imagine her coming home within a week. I told her that nobody is going to have any patience for her if she does that...that this is ther best chance to get better.


Then there's Robert. He calls me from the train during the witching hour here every evening. Nine times out of ten it's to complain about his boss. The last few times, he starts out horrible, telling me he's miserable and telling me his job is in jeopardy. It's always when I need to be holding Ella, when Laszlo and Lily are at each other's throats. Always when I just want to watch TV and clean the kitchen and relax until he gets home. So he dumps it all on me. The last few times, he starts out so bad and then within ten minutes he's telling me that he thinks it will be ok. But that's all after he's put all the negative shit on me. And I have to try and process it all.

So tonight he did it again. He told me his boss told him to shape up or he's out of there. His biggest complaint about her is that she wants him to do research her way, and he doesn't feel it's as valuable. I keep telling him to do it her way and just do his job the way she wants him to. I don't know why he can't get this through his head. He insists that if he does it her way, the investments he's involved in won't make money for the fund and thus won't make a bonus for him. He said that if he didn't have to work for her anymore, he'd feel free. So I said, "Yeah, free from income." He said, "I already said that...did you just say that to put the pressure on me?"

About a second later, he said that he's optimistic it's all going to work out there.

I lost it. I said, "You know, this nightly dumping routine stresses me out and I have reactions and I'm going to say things when you do this. You call me up basically telling me your job is gone and then wait ten minutes to tell me you think it's going to work. So here I am with the kids going nuts and being exhausted from no sleep last night...and then you say these things that put me in panic mode...and I have to process all of it and try and make sense, and then react. And the idea of you not having a job is scary to me. What do you expect me to say when you tell me how free you'd feel?"

He hung up pretty soon after that. Five minutes later he called to apologize...which is rare. Usually he takes those five minutes to come up with an argument about how what I said was mean and not supportive, blah blah blah...and how I'm selfish and mistreat him. This is where it almost always goes. But I'm impressed with myself for immediately sticking up for myself and also impressed that he had the smarts to immediately apologize. He called back a second time and apologized again, then asked me to wait for him for dinner because he bought some fresh bread in the city.

Why am I surrounded by crazies????
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Robert has been the same throughout my pregnancies. He just doesn't *get* it, and I'm so easy. I don't expect much. I still prefer to be in charge and hold the house together.

That said, I've been in a lot of physical pain lately, and he knows this. On Sunday night I could barely move without being in agony. I've asked him to help bring some stuff downstairs from upstairs (from the switching around rooms) and it's been up there for weeks.

I told Robert yesterday that it was my worst day for sciatica/groin pain. He called from the train to see if there was anything he could bring home for me. I said, "Ice cream would be good." He said, "I meant something from the drug store." I keep telling him there's nothing I'm allowed to take other than Tylenol and I already have an ice pack. He did get the ice cream, with no complaints.

After we all had some ice cream, we were in the basement playing. Lily was having her typical trouble making a poop and she was doing "my doodie dance" to try and get it out. We smelled that she was at least partially successful, so I took out the changing pad, diaper, wipes, etc. to change her. She wasn't done, so she wouldn't come...but once I start cleaning her, she always gets the rest out. Robert was lying on the couch, I was sitting on the floor in front of the mat. He didn't BUDGE to get her for me. She wouldn't come. So after some coaxing, I ended up getting up and grabbing her, he didn't even *think* to get off his ass and help me.

About a half hour later we were all upstairs in bed. Lily was sleepy and Laszlo was overtired and rambunctious. I announced that I was "off duty physically" because of the pain. Robert was complaining about Laszlo's behavior and saying how he had no room on the bed, etc. Then he said, "Laszlo, I'm gonna take you into your room in a few minutes." I had no idea why he was waiting. So a few minutes later, he said it again. I said, "Just take him now." He said, "I said in a few minutes."

A few more minutes pass, Robert keeps on complaining. I said, "Can you take him into his room now?" Robert said, "He doesn't wanna go." I said, "Yeah, I know that. And I'm asking you to take him into his room." He told Laszlo to go with him, he wouldn't. So Robert then said, "Laszlo, I'm gonna take Lily in your room then." Laszlo was fine with that. So he took Lily into Laszlo's room and they *both fell asleep*. I was up with Laszlo, who was still rambunctious and wild. This went on for about another half hour before I realized how fucking ridiculous it was that Robert and Lily were out cold and I was, yet again, taking care of a wild overtired child. Laszlo went to the bathroom and the toilet was a little clogged from one of Lily's explosions so I was sitting there plunging the freaking toilet and then I just said to myself, "This is unacceptable."

I went into Laszlo's room and Robert said he was awake (I think the plunging and cursing woke him). I said, "This just isn't fair. You're both sleeping in here and I'm taking care of Laszlo." Robert said he was tired too, "dead tired" and that he needed to sleep also. It's always a fucking competition about whose needs "win" and guess who usually loses. I said, "I'm almost 8 months pregnant, I've been in severe pain all day, and you're sleeping here."

I put Lily in her crib and she stayed asleep.

Robert stayed with Laszlo in his bed for a few minutes and then Laszlo asked him to leave. Robert came into our room and the TV was on. It was about 10:30 at this point. He said, "Oh, you're watching TV in here??!!" Then he grabbed some sweats and said that he was going to sleep in the basement. I said, "You've got to be fucking kidding me. What if one of them wakes up?"

He claimed that I could have taken Lily into Laszlo's room and gone to sleep with her. But that wasn't really what I had in mind. I ASKED him to take Laszlo into his room and get him to sleep. He actually said, "What have you done tonight to get these kids to sleep?" I said, "I put them to sleep the other 364 nights a year, tonight I needed some help."


So he actually went and slept in the basement. And Lily woke up at 3:48 am and didn't go back to sleep until after 6.

I'm so fuming mad. I want to kick him in the balls. I want to slap him in the face. I want him to feel this groin pain for 5 minutes and try to walk up the stairs. I want him to have to wake up a dozen times to pee at night. I want a little fucking compassion and understanding. He's just totally incapable.

And today we're supposed to go, as a family, to visit my friend in the mental hospital. Yeah, sounds strange, but in our world it's actually a nice fit. She asked that I bring the kids so she can be cheered up and I know that Robert will make her laugh. I know it would have been a nice day if he wasn't such a motherfucker last night. At 4:00 Laszlo has a birthday party to go to. There's a chance that Lily will be asleep at this time, then I'll probably stay home with her, even though I actually enjoy going to the parties (Laszlo's so social now and it's a pleasure to watch him, plus free pizza and cake, what's better than that?@?!)

Robert told me last week that he was going to get me a piece of jewelry when Ella's born. He described it to me and it's something I'd *never* wear. He told me to pick something else out, so you can all bet your asses I'll be at the jewelry store this week to get something extravagant for myself. I was originally looking for something less expensive than he had mentioned because I'm really NOT a jewelry person, but shit, I can be persuaded if something's pretty enough.

My mom wasn't around this morning, so I needed somewhere to rant. Thanks LJ. :-)
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Laszlo has been testing like a mofo all day. He's actually being BAD, not just annoying. This is pretty new for him. And I'm not at all used to it and NOT at all liking it. He will hit Lily or something and just as I'm about to send him to his room, he says, "But I'm not going to DO THAT anymore." Then he finds something else awful to do.

Robert came home late tonight by no fault of his own, and he had told me on the phone that his boss yelled at him for something stupid. He didn't seem that upset about it. So when he walked in after 8pm and Laszlo was acting up...I told him that Laszlo had been acting up for over an hour. Robert said, "Can I just sit down for a minute?" Duh. So he sat down and said, "You know that I had one of the worst days ever at work, right?" Which he DID NOT. It was like he had to one up me from complaining about Laszlo's horrible behavior. Then he wanted to talk to me about it and didn't want me trying to fix the internet connection in the basement (which we set up last night and have been having consistent problems with since.) So I had to stop what I was doing, already annoyed by my son, to listen to Robert bitch about work...not being allowed to bitch about MY day, because he won, his day was worse (in his head.) And then he actually asked Laszlo if the reason he was misbehaving was because he (Robert) wasn't home. Are you fucking kidding me? EVERYTHING has to center around him. It's so fucked up. So I can't complain about it, and the CAUSE of the horrible behavior I'm not allowed to complain about is beloved Daddy's absence. OY.

And this internet thing is making me INSANE. I'm usually really good at fixing technical things and following directions. And this just is NOT working. ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!
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The days that I'm the crankiest are the days I end up being the most nauseated.  So I'm guessing it's the hormones that are doing both.

I hate everyone right now. 

Of course, being awakened at 7:45 by Robert to take care of Lily was annoying enough, when he didn't have to leave the house for an hour to play tennis.  Then he left for tennis and came home, then took a shower and WENT to the GYM.  Granted, I support him doing these things and I'm very glad he takes care of his health.  It's extremely important to me and it's one of the things that eases my mind when I am reminded that he's 14 years old than me.  (hmmm, wonder if that's why 14 is Laszlo's favorite number, heh).  But on the mornings after the nights he knows I've been up with at least one kid...and he sees that they are misbehaving and bickering with each other...wouldn't you think he could adjust his schedule to say, NOT go to the gym? 

And he's playing tennis tomorrow morning at 8.  So no sleeping in for me then either.

I told him, as nicely as I could, that I was overwhelmed today.  His pat answer is that he told me to hire a babysitter.  Yeah, well I despise having someone work for me.  Literally, despise.  I can't stand being someone's boss and feeling obligated to that person.  I cannot tell you the stress this 13 year old mother's helper I had this summer caused me, just by the nature of agreeing to employ her. 
Then of course, it's time to make me feel bad.  So he said, "I did 2 nice things for you in the last few days.  We went out to your favorite restaurant and I bought you a present."  Yeah, he came home the other night with 2 really cute hair clips for Lily and a funky watch for me.  So, I don't wear a watch, and you'd think the man I've been married to for 7 years would know this, but it is really cool and I WILL wear it.  And it was super nice of him and it made me very happy.

AND I'm fucking exhausted.  I don't understand how doing something nice somehow buys you the right to disappear all morning Saturday leaving me with cranky kids...the one day I was able to sleep in.  My mother used to do that to me.  She'd buy me a shirt and then be a wicked bitch to me a day or so later.  "That's right Jen, I'm a horrible mother.  Would a horrible mother buy you a shirt that you liked?"  I guess this is just pushing all my buttons and I'm so fucking hormonal and frustrated at this very moment.

Part of me wants Robert to take the kids to my mom's today and I'll stay here alone, but the other part of me wants to go and just lie in the sun and do nothing.  Hopefully between my mother, Robert, brother and sister in law, my participation in child care can be limited.


Jul. 26th, 2006 09:05 pm
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Our backyard is totally landscaped. It's pretty. It was actually a negative when we were looking at the house because there is NO grass in our backyard. There is a great deck that we use all the time and then there's bushes and trees and flowers and a rock path. No grass.

Our front yard is really small and there are three huge blue spruces on there that take up the majority of the yard.

Today I took the kids to a friend's house and they had a huge front yard. My kids were SO excited. They were running all around and falling down (they can't fall on the deck without hurting themselves) and playing all kinds of games. Lily loved lying down in it.

So tonight we were out on the deck having dinner and I mentioned to Robert the possibility of putting grass down in the main part of the backyard. There are really only a few plants/trees that would have to come out, and of course the rock path. But...then my kids could have a catch and I could set up a kiddy pool without worrying about the deck getting covered with mold (like last summer). I really want this, and Robert said no. He said he likes it the way it is. When I told him how nice it was to see the kids running around in the grass, he said something like, "I already told you I like it, so now you're going to keep saying things until I cave in? And now you're making me feel guilty on top of that." Asshole. I just want grass in my backyard. It's still gonna be pretty. I'd still keep the arbor and the little alcove and the landscaping on the side. I'd just get rid of yet another two blue spruces (must have been on sale when they were landscaping), a butterfly bush (the only thing I'd actually miss) and some ugly shrubs. He said it's going to cost $25,000 to lift everything up and another $25,000 to cover it with grass. Um, ahem...I think NOT. The gardener we have could rip up most of that shit and we could buy sod and have him put it in.

Anyway, that's what I'm annoyed about currently. I'm sure it will be something else tomorrow.


Jul. 22nd, 2006 08:22 pm
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No matter how exhausted Laszlo is he will not fall asleep before 10:00. NOTHING works. I've tried changing the routine, starting it earlier, skipping the routine all together, etc. Nada. He can have the most exhausting day where I'm ready to just drop at 8:00 and he's still going right up until 10. I secretly love when his allergies are acting up or he's got a wicked bug bite STRICTLY because I can give him some Benadryl that knocks him out earlier. Of course I hate when he's not feeling well, hope that didn't come out wrong.

Just nights like this where I could fall asleep in two seconds and I know I'm going to be up for at least another hour and change because he won't go to sleep and he's so damn loud that even IF Robert stays with him and "lets" me rest, he'll wake me at some point.

Of course, it would be nice to have a husband who said, "Honey, why don't you go to bed early tonight and I'll take care of everything?" - but that ain't gonna happen in this lifetime.


Jun. 28th, 2006 03:22 pm
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Can someone please explain the phenomenon where husbands/partners see that you're in a shitty mood, are annoyed by some of the same factors (like the four year old who is losing his mind without a routine for the second week in a row), yet still manage to take great joy in pushing all of the buttons that they can locate to aggravate you further? I don't get it. I swear, I don't.

Then he questions if I'm mad at him. Is he fucking kidding me? If I saw he was in a bad mood, actually KNEW some of the reasons...I just may try to give him some breathing space rather than deliberately irritate the shit out of him with whatever energy I could garner.

I cannot wait until he starts his new job. These two weeks are killing me. He's been off since Friday and isn't starting until July 5. Luckily, he's going into NYC to spend the day at his new job and learn some of the ropes, set up email, etc. So I'll have at least ONE annoying boy out of my house for the day.

Then Laszlo starts camp on Friday. His OT doesn't start up again until July 6. I'm hoping it doesn't take him too long to adjust to his summer schedule. I think it's just the utter lack of a schedule that's been making him behave disgustingly. I always heard about this, but had never experienced it until this time. On all his school breaks, he did great. Maybe it's because he knows when he starts again, it's going to be different.

All I know is that Robert took Laszlo to my mom's pool and I just put Lily in for a nap because I told Robert that I *had* to get some work done. Of course he can work any time of day or night and just lets me know he's doing it, but I have to give him a day's notice that I need to be in the basement dyeing and sewing for him to prepare to care for the kids. And it's just Laszlo since Lily's asleep.

Hormones anyone? But seriously, this would have me nutty on my best (non-pregnant) day.

I think I'll take a nap for a half hour and THEN go into the basement, gotta get rid of this tension headache and cool off my brain before working...otherwise I'll make careless mistakes that will piss me off even further.

/end rant
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...I sympathize with your recent job situation. Given that. You forfeit your right to complain that the house is not immaculate when you use every flat surface in the house as a garbage can/dishwasher/hamper/chewed nicotine gum receptacle.

That is all.


Dec. 19th, 2005 01:39 pm
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In the wonderful holiday season, my husband was fired from his job this afternoon.

He's been having trouble there almost since the beginning 6 months ago. He took this job along with a HUGE pay cut because there was supposed to be upside that would kick in within a year or so. There have been personality conflicts that have been increasing in the last few months and this was almost bound to happen. Of course it would have been nicer if they waited until after the holidays.

They're keeping him on with full salary and benefits (we think - he's clarifying all this now) for three months while he looks for a new job. He can use the office and will probably still work for them in the mean time. Hopefully some Wall Street people will be pissed off with their bonuses and leave some nice job openings for Robert. He's at a disadvantage because he's almost 49 years old and doesn't have an ivy league degree. The fact that he has his phD and JD seem to not hold a lot of water. A benefit is that he has a wonderful reputation and is ridiculously smart. We're toying with the idea of him returning to his old job. He left that job and the bosses were apparently really pissed off because of what an asset he was.

Robert doesn't realize that he has always complained about any job he's had since I've known him. He actually said to me over the weekend, "This is the first job that I've been really unhappy at." I had to stifle my laughter. He's complained about every job all along, although there has been more complaining and from an earlier point with this one. Robert has a real victimization thing going on in all aspects of his life, so work is a huge place to find that dynamic.

I'm a little in shock. I'm scared. We have debt. We have a house. We have two kids. We have a lifestyle that we're comfortable in.

My mother will freak out if I tell her, so I'm going to wait on that for a while. Maybe I'll just wait until (fingers crossed) Robert gets a new job, then I can just tell her that.

The only really good thing about this is that he can look for a job full time. It's really hard while you're working to interview, especially since he's working on Long Island now and all the jobs he'd be applying for are in Manhattan. This way he can spend entire days meeting with headhunters and going on interviews. And he doesn't have to find excuses to give his bosses about where he's going.

I'm just writing my thoughts because I started writing as soon as I hung up with him and I feel a bit paralyzed and cannot quite get out of my chair.
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I'm sick.

Not that big of a deal, but sore throat, no voice, coughing, etc.

We were supposed to go to the Big Apple Circus tonight, but I canceled early this morning. I thought Robert would be upset, but he really wasn't, which was nice. The tickets were a comp from his job, so it didn't cost us anything anyway.

I had a play date here today, informed both moms that I was under the weather and they agreed if I kept my mitts off their kids, they still wanted to come over.

Cleaning lady came today. I gave her a generous holiday check because I know she's really down on her luck and it made me feel good to give it to her.

So about 10 minutes ago, my doorbell rings. I see this petite girl holding a huge gorgeous bouquet with a balloon on top. I asked her to make sure it was for me. She said it was. So I grabbed 2 bucks and handed it to her, and then assumed it was a "thank you" from the cleaning lady. I would have been aggravated if it was from her, since it was a waste of money...but anyway. I looked at the card, and it said:

"To the best wife, mother and partner, I love you."

Well knock me down with a feather. Such a total huge surprise. I don't think Robert's EVER sent me flowers. He has brought them home for me a few times, but never took this kind of planning. I'm so happy.

Just when I was starting to feel unappreciated. Hmpf.



Nov. 8th, 2005 07:32 pm
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Why is it that whenever the kids are making me insane, Robert has had a horrible day at work and needs his own detox time? I don't really understand it. It must be something in the atmosphere. Seriously, I cannot remember a day where I was extra frazzled from the kids when he hadn't had a terrible day at work.

I just came up here to check my mail/journal, etc. I needed some quiet time.

We drove this morning to pick up my friend from a detox of her own. She's been addicted to Vicodin for a pretty long while and finally sought help. Her insurance company booted her from her program a day early, with basically no coping mechanisms and no referrals...and no more methadone that they had been giving her while she was in. They had told her to go off all her narcotic medications, including her daily Klonopin and Xanax. When I got her home, I went upstairs with her and flushed her "unnecessary" meds down the toilet. I left her the Klonopin and Xanax because she never abused them and because I'm not a doctor. I just got rid of the ones I know she has the potential to abuse.

I checked in with her a few times today and she seems to be doing pretty well. I'm praying her mother stays away from her because she's the most toxic person on the planet. No shit. She wins. And they live in the same apartment building 1 floor apart. It's such a sick situation.

My friend is going to another place tomorrow for an intake and hopefully they'll accept her to their day program. It would mean driving about 40 minutes each way, but she'd be there all day getting the help she needs, and my house is in between hers and the facility. So that's good.

Our house is finally regaining some semblance of order. The basement was carpeted on Thursday, but we had to wait until Friday to go down because they used this horrible cement to keep the carpet on the support poles. I rearranged it and now it's so nice down there. I sewed some pillows this evening to match the new carpet. It's fun to be able to do that...I haven't really done anything like that since we moved in.

Ok, back to the wild children in the basement. I hear Laszlo screaming from here, 2 floors away. Give me strength.
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The last 2 days have been icky actually. Lots of stupid errands and running the kids from 1 thing to another. Not enough time for myself.

Tomorrow the guys are coming to patch up the basement floor so they can lay the carpet on Thursday. My brother's taking the red eye Thursday from California and staying here, in the very newly carpeted basement. I have to get lots of things together for a sale I'm doing (first with the tie dye stuff) this coming Sunday and I feel like I have nowhere near enough inventory and that I'm going to have a repeat of last year where I was so excited and ended up selling ONE bib.

My garage is full of stuff that was in the basement so I will have to sort through all that and put back what should go back. I need to organize the garage because it's a 2 car garage without room for an extra bicycle, let alone ONE car.

Lily's been wicked and I'm not sure what's going on with her. She had 102.5 last night, but no fever today. But she was SO out of sorts. And Laszlo's had this nagging cough for a month that I already had the dr. check, but I want it checked again because it is not going away. I'm sure it's allergies, but giving him Benadryl to sleep every night just doesn't seem ok.

I have so many projects that need finishing that I can't manage to start even one.

My fish is dying. She has a huge tumor on her belly and is swimming all crooked. I can't decide if it's better to just flush her now and put her out of her misery or wait until she is gone. NO biggie, but it's just another thing going on. Insert obligatory joke about life sustaining surgery on $5 fish here.

My whole family has plans for Sunday to be at my house. Of course these plans were made without my knowledge and I'm doing that craft thing from 9-2. I don't want to sacrifice that, but at the same time, I rarely see my California brother. He's staying for a few days, so hopefully I can convince him to stay in NYC with my other brother until later in the afternoon.

Everyone and everything was annoying me today. My kids were just out of control. Laszlo ran out of therapy when we were done and pushed the elevator button and actually GOT on the elevator. I grabbed him before the door shut...but he dropped this stupid frog finger puppet (that we have literally 100 of at home - thank you Oriental Trading) and was going insane about losing it. For an hour.

And then Robert comes home and just goes ON and ON about work. I mean, there's just so much financial information I can digest after a day of stressing and being annoyed. And then after spending 5 minutes with the kids, he starts complaining how they're out of hand today. I said, "Yeah, and you just spent 5 minutes with them. Try 12 hours." Then he was irritating the shit out of me and I said, "I just got finished telling you how stressed out I am today, I don't need any added stress." It has really been feeling like I have 3 children with the way Robert sometimes behaves. And it's so fucking frustrating.

Ok, rant over. Regularly scheduled nonsense to return tomorrow, hopefully.


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