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We had Kibbles groomed today, so her little foot pads are very visible. Lily said, "Aww, Kibbies, I can see your paw print." She thinks the paw is a paw print because of Blue's Clues (I'm assuming that's where it's from.)

Also, my mom bought Lily a baby doll recently and it came with a very realistic looking bottle of milk. Ella keeps holding it and "drinking" it, making all these mouth noises and funny puckery faces. I can count on one hand the number of actual bottles Ella has drank from. She's such a lil kook.
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Ella has declared a clear preference for Robert. If he's holding her and he hands her off, she goes NUTS. If he leaves the room, she pitches a fit. When he's not around, she's fine, but once he's home and on the weekends, she wants nothing to do with me - which is fine by me.

This is good for a variety of reasons, other than obviously the fact that it gives me a break from Crazy Bella. It's good because it suits Robert's ego, he assumes this whole role like he knows her better than I do and asks me to fetch things for her (how could I NOT know to get her a drink, right?). As long as I am a short distance away from them, I'm golden.

This is also good because I get to focus a bit on Lily. I am eternally worried that she's going to get lost in the shuffle because she's so good and mellow. I'm trying to focus on spending some alone time with her and doing whatever I can to make her feel special. She's the sweetest person on the planet (no, really) and I don't want her to be cheated because her brother and sister are more demanding. Like when I reward Laszlo for doing something right, Lily will say, "but I was good too!" and I can't just say, "Yeah, but you're *always* good, Lily, you don't get a prize for that."

So last night, I was reading to Lily in her bed and Robert was in our bed with his girl and Laszlo. All of a sudden I heard Robert call out and then I heard Ella screaming. Then, "Jennnnnn!" I asked, "Is she ok?!?" He said, "Yeah, it's me." I ran into the bedroom to see Robert holding Ella at arm's distance and his eyes were shut because he had a face full of vomit. He is always playing too rough with her, but she loves it. I got him a warm washcloth and then took Ella to change her clothes and clean her up. Then I walked out of the room and cracked up. :-)

With all the excitement, Lily didn't want to stay in her room, so she joined everyone in our room. She was naked, as usual. We were all watching TV and laughing and stuff...and then it calmed down a bit and Lily was lying face down on the bed, Laszlo was mellow too and Ella was deliriously tired. Lily said, "Mommy, Ella's sitting on my tushie." Then, "Mommy! Ella's kissing my tushie!" I looked and saw Ella holding Lily's tush and trying to nurse. I mean, Lily has the softest mushiest tush in the world. And it does kinda look like cleavage. We had another good laugh. Lily was trying to get Ella to do it again, but we were discouraging it. :-)

This morning Lily woke up and said, "Mommy, I was dreaming! I was dreaming that I was in 'kini Bottom." (where Spongebob lives) "I was playing with Plankton and we were best friends and we were putting on a show." I asked her if she wanted to come downstairs for breakfast. She said, "No Mommy, I wanna dream some more," and then she lied back down on her pillow. Then, "Mommy, do you wanna come dream with me?"

Like I said, sweetest person on earth.
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Lily had a playdate at her friend Lexi's house yesterday. It was too quiet, so I went to check on them. Lexi is only 2 months older than Lily, but she is like her second mother. It's quite remarkable really. Lexi has a vanity table in her room, so she had Lily sitting there and she was doing her hair. This consisted of putting Eucerin lotion, Cetaphil cream, princess detangler and some Hannah Montana sparkle gel all over Lily's head. She smelled like a cheap whore.

Ella has the most amazing hair. I don't know where it came from. (shut up Susan, I know it's her follicles) Today was rainy and super humid, so her hair is super adorable.

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first of all, GIP!

Secondly, Lily never crawled. She scootched. She still does it if she's tired or if she has to go through a tunnel that any other kid would crawl through.

Well, guess who else has started to scootch? Miss Ella Bella Boo does it differently. Lily did it with her left hand on the ground to push her along, Ella's doing it in the center between her legs. It's so freakin' cute, I've gotta get it on video. At least she's mobile a bit now. I have to seriously baby proof now!


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