Apr. 7th, 2009 08:48 pm
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I have been upset about my tattoo since a few days after I got it, because most of the color drained out of it. People kept telling me I was crazy.

It's like a month already, and I went to the tattoo artist and showed it to her. She said it looks like there was some abrasion the first few days that rubbed off the top layers while it was healing...and that I may not have even been aware of it because it could just be a shirt sleeve.

So...I'm going next Thursday to have it redone. I can't wait. And you can bet nothing's gonna rub against it! I know I'll be psychotic about it, but I want it to look like it did when I first got it, and I know it will again. I just know better this time. Plus it's short sleeve weather for me now, no more sleeves covering the tattoo.
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So, my tattoo is four days old now. It's significantly faded. I think I screwed it up. I think I rubbed off some of the color after the shower. I did whatever I was told to do, but I just feel like this can't be normal tattoo healing, for my flesh color to be so prominent throughout the once-opaque tattoo.

Advice? Experience?

Eileen says I'm being crazy.

I just left a message for the tattoo artist, hopefully she'll call me back tonight.

Look at these 2 pictures:

Just after I got home...

...and about a half hour ago


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