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I'm definitely ordering one of these pairs of's the dilemma; I'm more of a "Rock n' Roll" girl than a "Lady Luck" girl, but I like the black and red better...the white kinda annoys me. What to do?

ETA: I went with the Rock n' Roll ones...the more I looked at them, the more NOT Lady Luck I was feelin'. Luckily Zappos has free shipping, so if the white ones look too much like saddle shoes or if I just don't like them, I'll get the red ones or others instead.
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Ella received this doll as a gift from my mom's friend when she was born. Apparently it comes in three sizes, and she got the biggest one. She's become totally attached to it. It's so cute, she gets all excited when she sees it. So...because I am the way I am, I ordered her the smallest one so we can have more than one in case the first meets some unfortunate fate and also so we can take one out with us that is smaller and more portable.

It came today.

I took it out of the box and showed it to her. She kicked her feet and squealed. Then I gave it to her and she snuggled it right away.

She's so cute I can't even take it sometimes.


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