Feb. 27th, 2008 10:09 pm
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Strangely for the last week or so, both kids have been begging to go to bed with us. We've taken turns letting them. I have put Lily to bed for a few nights, then end up falling asleep in her super cozy bed (it's hard like a rock and she has crisp sheets).

Then there are the nights when I put Laszlo to bed and fall asleep in HIS room.

Then there are nights like tonight, when Laszlo, Lily and Robert all fall asleep in our bed. Laszlo sleeps all snuggly close to Robert but Lily sleeps close to the foot of the bed perpendicular to us all. She refuses to switch. Even if I move her when she's unconscious, within minutes she's back in that spot.

These nights I have been leaving the room and bedding elsewhere, all by myself. You'd think that would mean the best sleep, but it usually means watching TV until the wee hours. Last night I chose to stay up from 1:30 (when Ella woke but then went right back to sleep) until 4 watching stupid shows I recorded. I know that part of me likes the solitude, but there's some other part of me that just can't quiet down the thoughts that go stampeding through my head, and the later and quieter it gets in the house, the louder it gets inside.

It's 10:15 now, they're all snoozing. I probably have some stupid shows I can watch. Or do laundry. Or just snack on something yummy - if we had something yummy to snack on.

Yeah, this is a pointless entry.

ETA: while proofreading, before hitting "post", Ella woke up for boob. At least that gives me a reason to not be sleeping.


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