Jul. 14th, 2010

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I had Channels and Points class tonight. I adore my instructor, she's one of the top ten smartest people I've ever met. We were covering the gall bladder channel, and we usually touch the points on ourselves when she gives the first brief overview of the pathways. There is a point behind the ear lobe on the skull in that little indent in the bone. I pressed there and it automatically felt sensitive and it hurt. Theoretically, if a point you put pressure on is sensitive, it means it needs treatment or the channel it's on needs treatment. I rubbed it gently for a few minutes. The main action of this point is to relieve earache pain and help release ear infections.

Five minutes later, my mouth started filling up with saliva. I'm normally very dry in the mouth, to the point that sometimes I can't eat non-moist foods. But after I "treated" that spot, my mouth was flowing with saliva. I interrupted the lesson to tell my professor what was happening. She said, "Oh yeah, well that point is also used to stimulate the parotid gland, and since it was painful when you touched it, you had a blockage in your gland that was preventing proper saliva production." Just like that. She said, "You treated yourself, congratulations." I swear, I keep learning awesome stuff like this. It's truly amazing. I can't wait to learn more and to be able to start treating people - which won't be for at least another two years, but I'm patient so far.

Also, very often this crazy chick in my class claims she feels sensations when she touches points and the professor's always like, "Well, there's no explanation for why you would feel that." Ha.


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