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This time was much easier, I knew what I was doing. The pants alone last night took me a bit over an hour, and they have a few mistakes. These took me an hour from start to hitting "post" right now...including the shirt and everything.

Hopefully I'll come up with some sort of system, but we'll see! I'm so happy.
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My friend Lori cried when she opened these for her daughter Rayne.

Yay me!

Nov. 30th, 2008 07:23 pm
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I've always wanted to make ruffle-bottom pants. Basically, all I ever sew is a straight line. I tried using patterns a few years back and got scared of them, so they've been packed away for years now.

Last night I was browsing on etsy and I found a super cute pattern for toddler ruffle pants. This evening I decided to sit down and give it a shot. It took me about an hour (it would probably take the seamstresses out there a whole ten minutes) but they came out so cute and they actually fit Ella! I used red sushi fabric, mostly because I have a ton of it. I see some pants-making in my very near future. They're just too damn adorable to not make a million pairs of.

I know this doesn't seem like much to those of you who sew, but for me it's a very big deal because I'm trying to grow my business again and adding a whole new *thing* to my stock is so very exciting for me...especially since I always fear the things I've never done creatively.

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I have updated a few little things on my site, check out the 10-14 size section...the last few are new. Also, I added a "sale" section that I need to add to. It's by no means done, I have about 50 more items to add, but I started, which was the good thing.

:-) if ya didn't already know.
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I pretty much stopped doing my Cute Threads business when I had Ella. I still made the odd thing here or there, but my rack was sparse and I was telling people I'd start again one day, but not sure when.

A few months ago, several of my friends convinced me to start again.

My friend Lori got me to do two local shows (one at a fundraiser for a co-op nursery school and one at a local synagogue for members), neither of which were very successful. At the first fundraiser, there were about ten vendors, and they placed me two tables away from the other tie dye kids' clothing table. And her stuff was really trendy, so she made $750 (I heard her checking out with the organizer) and I made $150. My stuff is WAY nicer, totally unique, but people don't want unique. They want what they see in stores and what they see all over the place.

The second fundraiser was better, even though I made less money. It wasn't because people were buying trendy stuff, it was because nobody was really buying and there was a shitty turnout...

Tonight I did my first house party. I was hesitant, but agreed because Lori arranged it and said the house was perfect, etc. Lori sells Melissa and Doug stuff discounted and she also sells jewelry that she makes AND picture frames. I thought it was going to be me and Lori. I walked in and there was a woman setting up layette stuff; onesies, blankets, hats, socks...really cute. But it was fucking kid clothes. I have newborn stuff. I don't understand why if there is any other vendor, my stuff doesn't sell. My prices are very reasonable, my stuff is awesome (not being biased, people always tell me how great it is) but it just doesn't sell.

I agreed to do one more fundraiser and I made the organizer guarantee me that there wouldn't be any other tie dye OR kid clothing vendors. She was happy to guarantee me and said she heard my stuff was great and she was glad I agreed to do it. She actually tried getting me last year, but she called the night we put Alabama to sleep and I couldn't focus. Anyway...

I came home with sixty bucks tonight, and that's from the hostess of the party tonight. I would have charged her less, but she booked the other woman, which totally pissed me off. That's all I sold. THE WHOLE TIME.

My website is horribly outdated, I need to photograph all the super cool things I've made recently and get that back up and running. At least I'll have someplace to display my stuff to people who are interested.

It took so much for me to start working again. I was fearful of the rejection I felt in the past. It took me a while to build up my business and it was doing great when I stopped.

It's not the economy, because people were buying tons of Lori's shit. And people bought from that other woman tonight too, albeit very few things.

I'm aggravated and insulted. I feel like a loser. I feel like maybe I'm delusional, but I know I'm not because people are seriously always saying how much they love my stuff and how they want to order stuff, blah blah blah.

On the way home just now I was thinking about throwing myself a house party, with all my friends and their friends. I know the turnout would be huge. I could get rid of my kids for the night or I could have them stay in the basement or upstairs for most of the time. I am really thinking about doing this...also this way if someone wants something that I don't have on the rack, I can show them the size in a blank or I can show them a fabric, etc. in the basement. I just think maybe that would get my confidence back up and put things back the way they were. But if I did all that and still didn't sell anything, I think I'd just fucking totally give up.

Oh, the first fundraiser I did, the one with the other tie dye table? The girls who own that business approached me to do their dyeing for them! They wanted peace symbols and guitars and stars, because they outsource all their dyeing (which is fucking ugly) and they were totally impressed with my mad dye skillz.

So WTF????

I wanted to come home and talk to Robert about it, for him to tell me how beautiful my stuff is (because that's one thing he actually does), but for the first time EVER, I got home early AND everyone is sound asleep. I'm in shock. I never got home this early from a home party and the kids have never all been sleeping.

And I've got a splitting headache.

And I ate like a total animal at the party, like two dozen pigs in blankets, half a pound of cheese and four brownies.

And I only went to the gym once this week.

I totally hate myself right now.
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Yeah, boyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeee! Wanted to try a guitar forever, finally did it yesterday!


Oct. 22nd, 2008 03:18 pm
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Well, not an epic fail, but still.

I should really know better than to actually document my intentions of doing work. Because something *always* gets in the way.

Ella, my rambunctious little angel, naps for 2 1/2 to 3 hours every day. Every day.

Today? No. Nap. None. I put her to bed, but she was screaming. Non. Stop.

I think the teeth she's getting are hurting her. She's not unhappy. She just didn't want that nap.

It wasn't a total waste of motivation...I did get a few things dyed this morning and planned out some others. I'm trying out some new shapes and patterns and I cannot wait until tomorrow morning to wash them out and see if they came out recognizable or just as big messes of color.
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I signed on to do two shows in the beginning of November. I need to greatly increase my stock, because my rack has thinned consistently over the year and a half that I've been on hiatus, and I would love to not have too many customs after the shows.

I made 5 new outfits...1 is for Lily and the others are for sale. I also finally made a baby gift that is WAY overdue as well as making an extra pair of pants for Kit and finally sending them all out. I suck at posting things in the mail...not sure why.

I've been browsing the internet for inspiration and I've actually gotten some. Lily just left for school and Ella's here being adorable. I've gotta get her dressed and occupied, and then I'm hitting my studio. I decided to call it that because if I just call it "the dungeon" or "the basement" - it doesn't feel productive. So "studio" it is.

Best part of The Studio is that it's also our toy room, complete with precisely eleventy billion toys. And a huge TV. And my iPod (for now). So Ella and I will not be bored. Ha, as I wrote that, she's feeding a doll bottle to each dog and making a sucking sound when she puts it near their mouths. She's too funny.

So I'm off to work. For real. And I do realize that by writing it here I'm almost dooming myself to NOT do it...but I'm going to fight that and motivate and get my ass back in business. I need to for so many reasons.
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I'm planning on getting back into sewing...I'm really only good at making straight lines. How vital is a serger? I want to be able to tailor existing clothing.

I'm very tempted to get one.
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It's hard for me to go anywhere in this town without a mom asking me if I still make clothes.

Today went a lil something like this...

Had breakfast with Sheryl and Marisa.

Took Ella to her mommy and me class. A mom I have met around the neighborhood started chatting me up and letting me know all the people in common we know. Then she said, "Are you still making your clothes?" I told her that I haven't, and that I should start again, blah blah blah...same thing I say to everyone that asks.

Then I sat down next to a familiar looking woman, but I couldn't figure out how I knew her. We started talking, her son is adorable and really smart. Then I realized how I knew her. "I have to ask you a crazy question...does your husband love NASCAR?" She cracked up and said yes, and asked how on earth I knew that. I said, "I made clothes for your older son a few years ago with NASCAR fabric." She said, "Yes! Oh my god! And you made that tie dyed shirt with the tools on it! He (pointing to her younger son) wore it yesterday! Your stuff held up so great!"

Other moms at the table heard and my friend Beth said, "If you're talking about getting her back in business, it's a sore subject. I've been trying to get her back forever!"

Then I came home and checked my facebook. A woman I met from Gymboree with Lily had hosted two home parties for my clothing. She commented on the pictures of the table. She said, "Oh my god Jen -- you know I always admire your talent. This is beautiful. Are you still making the clothes?"

Now just to actually do it. I bought $500 worth of new blanks before the summer and it's all sitting. Of course most of it is short sleeved and cropped pants or skirts, but I still have a ton of long sleeved stuff hanging around too.

Is it crazy that I'm praying for a few really rainy days where I don't feel guilty burying myself and Ella in the basement??
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Mentally, that is...

My friend Sheryl was over the other day and she was looking through my stock. She chose a dress to bring to a birthday party she was attending for two little girls. The younger girl just turned two.

Sheryl gave her this dress. The little girl loved it so much she insisted on putting it on right away. I hear this a lot when kids receive my stuff as gifts. It's usually the dresses, but it happens with other stuff and even with boys.

And yet, I'm still not motivated to go back into business. I don't know what it's going to take. I don't know what my problem is. I have more than $500 worth of new stock, washed and ready to dye, and it's just sitting neatly in all the clear bins (yes, Katie) organized by size and season.

Sheryl said if this doesn't motivate me, she doesn't know what will.
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My friend around the corner has a son who was born with severe heart defects. He's had several surgeries and will have many more.

He turned 2 the other day and this is the shirt they asked me to make him (otherwise I'd *never* make something like this, unless it was someone I *knew* would appreciate it):


May. 2nd, 2008 03:17 am
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I made Lily this dress last night in a rush for her "Three Jamboree" at school today:

...and a mom from Lily's class is having her fourth baby (a girl) any day and asked me to make these:

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My friend had a Black and White party for her daughter's fifth birthday. I made my kids matching shirts to wear. Here they are:

I've clearly learned that I will never get a picture where all three of them look good. I hate that they say "Cheese" whenever I have the camera out. It's my own fault, but they never have genuine smiles when they're posing, no matter how many funny faces/noises I make.

...gratuitous curl picture...

Oh, and I ended up going out today. We took Lily to school and then met my mom at Home Goods and had lunch. It's a good thing too, because she bought me a table for the upstairs hallway that I was going to pass on, because I couldn't justify dropping $129 for no good reason.

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The package "is probably somewhere in the building," but they have no idea where. Apparently it was not definitely on the truck just because it was scanned on the truck, sometimes they don't physically have it there, they just PLAN on having it there, so it gets scanned. It's definitely NOT on the truck now though, that much they know.

And Dharma won't ship me out another one until the trace is finished on the shipped package, which takes 1-7 business days. So even if it's completely lost, I don't get another one for about a week.

I mean, I could have probably protested and insisted that they send me out another one ASAP on UPS' dime, but the Dharma woman was so nice and apologetic, and it wasn't their fault anyway, so I let it slide.

I'm still beyond aggravated though. I don't think I've ever been this motivated without supplies. It's like a test of my desire to get started again.


Jan. 18th, 2008 06:59 pm
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...and speaking of being back in business...

I ordered a ton of stuff and it's supposed to be on the UPS truck "out for delivery" today. It's 7 pm and it's still not here. I'm livid. I've been dying to get my hands on it all day.
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This is for my friend at the gym.

And this is for my friend's daughter, I think it's the most perfect heart I've ever dyed.
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I'm finally going to start making stuff again...between that local chick stealing my "tie dye girl" identity and misstresstrixe's recent tie dyed goodness posts, I've gotta get a move on. Not to suggest that those two things are the same, because actually they're quite not. Just inspiring me to put on some latex (gloves, calm down) and make some cute things.

I had a pile of stuff that was half done and I finished it all this morning. I also sewed a really cute felt flower and put it on a black shirt for Lily to wear today. She helped me sew my label on the back and now she's all excited that she knows how to sew now. So cute.

Gymboree is a bevy of business...the moms are all young and have money. And mostly girls in the class to boot. Half of them have already asked about hosting a CuteThreads party, which will still have to wait unless I find a good babysitter that can handle the dinnertime insanity around here as well as Robert's arrival home from work. Until then, I'm just going to build up some stock on the site and start advertising again (word of mouth, posting incessantly about it here, etc.)

Yay for motivation.

Also, I'm going to the gym in the evening today instead of the morning, so I got all that finishing up done already...then I take Lily to school at 11 and then I have all afternoon to make stuff. I'm excited, can ya tell?
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I had to dye something for a long outstanding order and I decided that it's pathetic that I haven't made anything for my own kids in ages. So...I checked out my 6-12 month stash and sewed up this cute lil outfit for Ella to wear to Gymboree tomorrow (lots of potential business).

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We're going to a birthday party today for one of Lily's little friends. Her mom is totally into Elvis. This is the first dress I did with the belt, I am so happy with how it came out. I've gotta make Lily one ASAP.

ETA: Robert's mad that I'm giving this as a gift because he thinks I should sell the dress for $75. Believe it or not, it would sell for that in the stores around here, but I'd never have the balls to sell it for that kind of price. Plus this woman invited both my kids to the party, which was really nice of her. Need to justify anyone?


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